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  1. Monstrous Evolution

    The game formerly known as The Twice-Forsaken Earth, Chimaera, and now Chrysalis (more on this below) has, in spite of a lot of changes over more time than I'm comfortable admitting, kept one consistent focus, the Daemon Lords.

    For those of you just joining us at home, TTFE/Chimaera ...

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  2. Nonviolent Fate

    Why Fate Core?

    It's easy for me to get distracted by a bunch of factors: first, fiddling endlessly fiddling with the technology to talk to the internet (hi, internet!); second, fiddling with game systems as such, especially trying for the Perfect Dice System; and third, digressing hugely about nonviolence ...

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  3. Finding Integrity and Authority

    I'm going to start off this blog with some thoughts I had talking with a friend who's a relatively new meditator. She'd got into a classic discussion, on the subject of whether one can practice only a part of the Buddhist path. She thought if what she ...

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